Q:Which size should i choose?
A:You can confirm the size in your original user manual or take out your bulb and check its back.
You can also search in sylvania's Websites:https://www.sylvania-automotive.com/apps/vlrg-us/Vlrg/

Q:Do these headlights need additional anti-flickering decoders/resistors for my car?
Q:After installing these headlight,I get an error message saying I need to check left&right headlight,any solutions?
A:Our LED headlight work well for most car model.But some car model don't recognize the headlight automatically besides the original bulb so there will have flicker or error code.If you get those problems,please contact us for the decoder/resistor.

Q: Neither side lighting up?
A: Check the headlight fuses, and then check the ballast plugs to insure correct installation. If this doesn't work, there may be a voltage problem with the vehicle. You probably just need a relay or capacitor which we offer for free. Let us know your year, make, and model and we will send one right away.

Q: My low and high beams are switched!
A: The polarity setting must be changed until the low and high beams turn on appropriately, try flipping the ballast plugs and try again. Also, check and make sure the bulbs were not installed upside-down, this is surprisingly a common issue.

Q: My bulbs won't fit, help!
A:A special bulb holder may be required. See if you can take the holder from the stock bulb. If not, let us know,then we will find the solution for you.

Q:When I switch the headlight from high beam to low beam,the high beam stay active?Do you have any ideas?(H4/9007/H13 Model)
Q:When I turn on my fog light,the high beam stay on.Is there a way to fix this?
A:There is a problem with the electric circuit of the high beam.It makes return circuit itself.Please contact us and we will send a set of special wire harness to help you.

Q:The dust cover does not fit the headlight assembly because the fan is too big.What should I do?
A:The LED headlight needs a heat sink at the bottom for better heat dissipation.
Because LED bulb is a refitting part of the car,not the original one.If you have this problem,please contact us and give us more detail about your original dust cover,then we will provide some instructions or dust cover for replacement.

Q: My item has not arrived, what's taking so long?
A: Sometimes items take longer than expected, especially if it’s going far or to rural area. Check with your post office to see if your item has been held up. Sometimes DHL will not update a tracking number until it has arrived at its destination. If your item still has not arrived after a few days, let us know and we will help you check.
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